Women’s Conference

I have had a pretty busy week between running around town with everyone and getting food poisoning in Nairobi, but I am finally back on line and feeling better.

Lisa Dees and I were invited to join the local women at a women’s conference in Mailisaba. We readily accepted and were delighted to attend. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the night before the event that we learned we were the main speakers for the five hour service.  Oh my!

Lisa and I both love public speaking and were excited about the opportunity. We went home, prayed, studied Scripture, and gave a message the next morning that God had laid on our hearts.

It was real encouraging to see women respond to our message. However, it was disheartening when the third women came up to speak. She was a famous pastor and Kenyan musician who spoke on “loving yourself” and “believing in yourself,” and setting materialistic goals. The part of Kenya I live in is considered one of the most difficult mission fields to reach because they have been over evangelized with the prosperity gospel. I had spent the whole morning speaking about the sin of loving self (2 Timothy 3), the Whore of Babylon (Revelations), and the perversion of American prosperity gospel (Revelations), just to see another women encourage them to “love yourself,” “believe in yourself,” and “prosper.”  Uhg! The sad thing was no one seemed to understand that what Lisa and I quoted from scripture was the exact opposite of what she preached.

We hope that some seeds were planted. It was still  definitely a fun day of dancing, eating, singing and teaching.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Sorry you have been ill. Do not be discouraged. Our Lord does not make mistakes. You and Lisa were there because He wanted you there. You were obedient and planted seeds of the true Gospel in those women.

  2. Kerri says:

    Good to hear you’re feeling better. Congrats on getting a successful keynote presentation together so quickly. Sorry you felt deflated after the well-known woman preacher’s speech. As the poster above points out, at least good seeds were planted that day.

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes, they have just heard it since they were born so even though they know she is off key they don’t recognize it as blatantly as I do.

  3. Paula Frisbey says:

    Jesus was always clear that if you followed Him, you would be persecuted and the world would hate you because it hated Him first – enought to crucify Him! Don’t be discouraged – there will be some who will have ears to hear. Praying for you!

  4. LM says:

    I heard every word and marveled at your maturity and faith. It was a profound statement on morality, modesty, and good mothering. I cringe when I think their children could some day find the American standard their goal. We are quite frankly a crude and sleazy bunch. (This week I heard a new song on the radio about some old guy wanting to sit and have a beer with Jesus! Heaven help us) ~Thank you for your hard work. Lilly

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