Women Disciple-ing Women

discipleship-mt-elgonWow, I’ve been so busy I haven’t been communicating. Sorry for my lack of blogging and missions reports. I just arrived back home in America on Saturday night, so now I have time to blog.

Pictured below is the women’s BTCL (Bible Training Center for Church Leaders) class in Kapsokwony, Mt Elgon. These few ladies have done an excellent job discipe-ing around 2,000 adults and children in their community. It was around one year ago that I pleaded with them to save the youth in their region from Westernization by giving them a firm foundation in the Word. After they shed tears and committed to the work, I spent a few months teaching them how to prepare lessons and teach from a simple discipleship course.

Pictured to the left with her husband is Cisilia. When I first met Cisilia, she was so afraid of  teaching that she wanted to drop out of my class. Her husband was the one that told her she had to continue. After a few weeks of me teaching her how to teach, Cisilia was disciple-ing hundreds of middle school children in the Word of God. Schools in their area that were once considered unimpressive began to receive attention from government officials as national exam scores skyrocketed. Cisilia says she is now respected by her community and loves teaching at her church. Each of the women in this room has played a huge role in this accomplishment (as well as their husbands). By teaching children the Word of God, these ladies (plus some of the men pictured below) have transformed the local schools. Principles are not having to beat children for steeling and misbehaving.  There was also recently a boys high school that unanimously committed to following Jesus over the pursuits of worldly success and materialism after hearing Austin Albine speak and these women’s husbands have started disciple-ing them. All of their work has continued without any financial compensation and is self sustained because of their sacrifice, not ours.

Because of all this work, I went to encourage these ladies before heading home to the States. Myself, along with Beth (our women’s leader), went and spoke to the ladies about starting BTCL classes where they would train other women the way they have been trained. Almost all of these women’s pastors and husbands were present. Everything we encouraged them to do, the men repeated and encouraged them to do. They are a very strong group of godly men and women and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens while I am away. Please keep them in your prayers, they have been receiving some opposition.



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