When Playgrounds Go Wrong

If your kid refuses to put his shoes on, you might want to show him this. These pictures are a bit blurry because I’m having to hold this kid’s leg up, but what we have here is a bad case of gangreen and a jigger infestation.  Kids get these blood drinking fleas from walking around without their shoes on. This child, in particular, got them because he doesn’t own a pair of shoes.

Although he was treated for jiggers a week ago, the infection has continued because the facility he is at has no lysol to soak his feet in. I suggested they use kerosene, but I don’t think they have this either. I’m hoping they will have some lysol by the end of the day, otherwise this little street boy is going to be in trouble. Hopefully the wounds keep him from running back to the streets long enough for him to completely detox.

I guess you could say this post is more or less about the depravity of Kenya.

8 Responses to When Playgrounds Go Wrong

  1. Leesa Harrington says:

    We saw a child that had had jiggers removed from his heals while we were there. I hope this is not the same child. I cannot imagine his discomfort!!! Thank you for your updates each week and for what you do to impact the health of these children. We miss Kenya and all that we experienced and are praying about what our next trip will look like!!!!

    • elizabeth says:

      Oh great, I sure hope it’s not the same kid. He did have a bunch of holes on his heals that where healing.

      Look forward to seeing you all again. Thank you for coming out this summer.

  2. Potamiaena says:

    Poor baby. I feel so sorry for him.

  3. chaplain tom says:

    Cnnor even fathom the pain and feeling!

  4. Teri says:

    Elizabeth…please tell me these aren’t Jordan’s feet!!??

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