The vitamins have finally landed at Mattaw! It took quite a great effort for them to arrive here. The children¬†absolutely love them. Here is a picture of Peter’s mother handing him one! If you all remember, peter is the one that raised the money for them.

It has been a long week and still a few more days to go! I have spent a lot of time taking HIV kids to the doctor with lip infections. One had actually bit through his lip durring soccer–OUNCH–that was the first infection. Good news is all it took was some erythromycin. Now I wish I would have saved a trip all the way to AMPATH and just given it too them myself. Treating HIV kids without consulting a specialist still scares me though.

Other than this, one of our boys may have hyperthyroidism. I took him for testing and I believe it came back abnormal, but the doctors here are not being helpful. When a doctor ¬†here says “ah, they’ll be fine,” I don’t know if I should take that as “they’ll be fine,” or “I have no clue, and you’re not going to sue me if they die, so it’s not my problem.”

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  1. Al says:

    I am sure you will always err on the side of the children. I suspect that the response you get from some doctor there would equate to the responses a number of our doctors here provide. The responses we get seem to provide more caring for the doctor’s reputation than the patient’s state of health.

    Seems the world is pretty much the same while the details are another matter. Keep stroking and we will continue to watch your adventure of hope. You and the children are in our prayers.


  2. mom says:

    What was Peter’s response to the cardsforkenya website after you showed it to him?

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