UT is Beating Oklahoma 11 to 3!

Well, we finally made it…girl’s night is here! This is a time for the older girls at Mattaw to leave the village and have a slumber party in town. We watch chick flicks, eat homemade goodies, and play a few games. We all have been anticipating it for days now. When I say “all” I left out the boys who planned on watching Saturday Night Football on the big screen (UT vs Oklahoma and Kenyan vs Uganda). This makes the second week in a row that they have crashed our party. But, good news is fun was had by all. I have never seen so many little girls running around the house screaming at every score. You would think they were more glued to ESPN than the boys. In fact, Velma, to the left, is by far the queen of Mattaw football.

2 Responses to UT is Beating Oklahoma 11 to 3!

  1. RTD says:

    I haven’t been to your site for a few days now.
    Boy you sure were looking for a lot of work when you took on the pot stickers. You talked about needing ground beef, and you have cows running around right out side. Where is your adventures side. You know slip out side in the middle of the night.
    So how did you get around that dog?

    • elizabeth says:

      Well, I find the quieter you are, the higher your chances of avoiding the discomfort of being mauled. Good news is, I stocked up while I was there! So, hopefully I will not have to make another trip for a month. Maybe next time I can just go with someone who has a car and drive through the yard.

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