Turning Vegies into Meat

Now that Gavriella is old enough to travel around, the two of us got to go on a field trip! I’ve been cooped up in the house since my last trimester (we feared the¬†bumpy roads might harm her), so it was a big day for the two of us. Our destination? Our student, James’, organic farming class of course.

I must say his hard work and diligence teaching these classes has payed off. Some of his students are really doing well applying what they have been taught. Pictured to the right is one of them presenting me with a bouquet of organically grown leafy greens–which I must say were quite delicious (he also gave me some cucumbers and a bell pepper). So far, this students garden has been the most successful. He has already bought a goat with the money he made from selling his peas! John and I were really proud of the way our raised beds looked until we saw his! Hence why we are working so hard this week trying to catch up.

This man has also applied the lessons he learned in class about creating organic pesticides by fermenting a specific indigenous weed. He already has over 15 Gallons of it in a special store room out in front of his house.

Our next stop was yet another impressive effort by a student. However, the community demo project is not fairing along the way student’s personal gardens are flourishing. The main issue is a lack of water in the area where it has been placed, and therefore a lack of interest by students to finish it. ¬†Below are two pictures of personal gardens. Make note that this report is only about Sunday afternoon’s class. There are many others.


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