Training in Kakamega

foundation-course-trainingIf there is one area in need of a discipleship movement it is Kakamega. We went there last month for evangelism and I must say people there are very religious! I don’t know exactly what cults are predominant in the area, but you can’t walk down the street without seeing all kinds of funny hats, long gowns, and uniforms that express where people worship and on what day of the week they assemble.

One of our good friends from this area, Pastor Daniel, is taking leaders from his denomination through BTCP. He and his wife are very in love with the truth and have shown us a great deal of hospitality. They have done follow up with the 54 who gave their lives to Jesus during evangelism last month and so far 18 have been baptized!

This past Friday, two of my Ugandan brothers and I went to encourage the BTCP class there to keep up the good work. We shared with them the importance of discipleing the confused people in their area, and then shared with them some simple ways to start small groups and make lesson plans for people reached during evangelism outings. I am hoping to go back on next Friday to do a little bit of follow up. Please keep this area in your prayers. Pray for more and more teaching-life-changing-discipleship-africa

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  1. Holly says:

    We love you. Praying for contined spiritual breakthroughs and a four wheel drive vehicle.:) Hugs!

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