Train Track Tangle

Walking to town is quite common for me. Usually, I just get on the old abandoned train tracks and 20 minutes later, I’m in town. However, today, things were different. I found a train behind me. Not an actual train, but a group of school girls all in a line who found messing with my hair amusing. They all wanted to know what it felt like, but didn’t know how to ask. Each one took turns sneaking up on me, touching my hair, and then running to the back of the line. Finally, I just turned around and started grabbing heads and messing with their hair. Anyways, we had a pretty fun/interesting game of catch for about a half mile.

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  1. Chaplain Tom & Kathie says:

    Hey Elizabeth…
    What fun that must be for the girls! Special when they deal with thier own hair that is so different. You are special…God bless.

  2. Aaron says:

    Hi Elizabeth…

    I saw this thread a while back and a thought came to me today. I’m wondering if you or someone at the orphanage could speak with someone (in charge) at the national or provincial level about letting you use the abandoned track for something like what they use in Cambodia. It might come in pretty handy if someone could purchase the materials. It doesn’t look like I can use the “video tag” so I will just list Youtube video address below…

    I tried to find one without swearing or other inappropriate content (as much as possible) but I thought it might give a better idea of how one could be built. 🙂

    God bless…


  3. PJM says:

    Wow, Aaron, I really want to try and make a little train like that. The tracks EAM is talking about go from her house to town, and not out to the orphanage, but wouldnt it be cool to have a simple low-tech transportation system like this on abandoned tracks?

    • Aaron says:

      Ok, I thought Elizabeth lived next to the orphanage. The components of a norry don’t look very lightweight so it would have to be left close to the track. It may not be practical depending how far the orphanage is from the track. :-/

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