Tongue Tied

Forgive me, I have been a bit tongue tied over the last few weeks. It’s been hard for me to blog about what I am doing because I don’t know where to start! So in today’s post, I will cover official ministry changes so there is no confusion. Then, as the week goes on, I will start sharing with you what I’ve been up to and also what God is teaching me.

As of today, I am officially working with a group called Life Changing Discipleship. This organization is led by Greg and Beverley Wootton and is associated with Calvary Chapel in Tallahassee Florida. I attended a Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque when I was growing up and later one in San Angelo and I have always had a great respect for their ministry.

Life Changing Discipleship is a bible school that operates in rural areas. They train pastors and pastors wives in biblical doctrine and prepare them to teach.

As of now, I have been asked to:

1. Teach their Biblical foundation class at highs schools. (Final exams are in two weeks and Christmas break starts after that, so I have been able to teach a little here and there, but real hardcore classwork will probably start in January at the beginning of the school year.)

2. I have been asked to facilitate a class at their bible school which equips students to teach foundational Biblical classes. In effect, I will be training people to teach and facilitating opportunities for them to practice teaching the Bible.

In the mean time, while preparing for my new classes to start and working on lesson plans, I have enjoyed visiting other ministries in town, learning more about how they serve, and making connections at different churches. If I post regarding these things however, please understand that my commitment is to Life Changing Discipleship (I am first and foremost serving with them).

4 Responses to Tongue Tied

  1. Aaron says:

    Hi Elizabeth…

    Cool! 🙂

    I will pray for the Lord’s blessing over you as you begin your duties there.

    Take care and God bless…


  2. Linda says:

    You and your ministry are in my thoughts, prayers, and heart. It is always so good when I receive news from Africa. You are such a blessing. Thank you for your service and that I can share your work thru your words. Linda

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you Linda. I appreciate your encouraging words! I have really enjoyed seeing how God’s hands are at work through this ministry.

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