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Well, here I am again for the 1,000th time without a head. Peter, our little friend with the bad knee, is aspiring to become a photographer. He keeps leaving me presents on my camera. I think we need to teach him theĀ importanceĀ of including people’s heads. These (with about 10,000 other shots) make me remember how different the world looks through the eyes of an 8 year old boy. Maybe he just sees things “at a different level.”

Peter's African Photography

Peter, Kenyan child at Mattaw Children's Village, is taking to photography

[img src=]130Mattaw Orphan
Peter, a Mattaw Orphan, makes a self portrait.
[img src=]20
[img src=]10Mattaw Children's Village
Children on the swing set of the Mattaw Children Village
[img src=]00Peter's photography needs improvement
[img src=]10Peter's new friends
A mattaw family getting ready for bed
[img src=]10Jeans
My Blue Jeans. Peter never gets my face in the picture
[img src=]00Peter's friends
Happy times at Mattaw. Little Georgie Boy is in the background
[img src=]10Peter's photography
[img src=]00through the eyes of a child
[img src=]00Peter's camera

12 Responses to Through The Eyes Of A Child

  1. Amelia says:

    LOL!! That is rather funny.

    • elizabeth says:

      I feel like taking a bunch of pictures of him without a head and see whether he notices what’s missing. I’ll just tell my boss it a “psychoanalytic test.”

      I think this is one of those stories worth saving for his wife one day.

  2. Lady Anne says:

    Thank heaven for ditigal cameras! My godson was about twelve when he shot an entrie roll of film while visiting his grandparents in Florida. A closeup of granddad’s license plate, a shot of the milk box on the front porch (you are probably not old enough to remember what those are!), a picture of a bush in front of the house. For a while, it was touch-and-go if I’d actually have a thirteen year old godson!

    • elizabeth says:

      How funny. And yes, I love those digital things! As a child, I will always remember our family vacations, and how my mother use to scold me for even touching the camera. She was very frugal with her film.

  3. raghavendra says:

    “Future jay dickman”!

    • elizabeth says:

      Let us hope! He just needs to grow a few more inches. Then, everyone’s head will appear and he will start capturing the money shots.

  4. RTD says:

    It looks like you will either give him lesson on taking photos, or learn to walk around on your knees wheb he has your camera.
    Did you ever figure out what was wrong with his knee, and if it could be fixed?

    • elizabeth says:

      Yes, one side of his femur is congenitally enlarged. The joint looks fine on x-ray, and he can walk and jump on it. However, he doesn’t like people to touch it, so I think pressure causes pain. I have a referral for a specialist in Eldoret and plan on taking him next month. In later adulthood, he may have osteoarthritis if it is not corrected now, but if we correct it now, we will be doing surgery right over his epiphyseal (growth) plate. So, even if they wanted to do surgery, I wouldn’t let them without thoroughly researching recent scientific studies.

  5. Nate Maas says:

    I love these! You’ll have to make it a regular feature to give a guest photographer your camera for a day. They kind of remind me of how my grandmother would take photos, always accidentally cutting people in two on account of her shaky hands. When she found two halves of the same person, she would sometimes paste them together for unintentionally humorous results.

    • elizabeth says:

      That is a great idea! I will have to start doing that.

      LOL, that story may be one of my favorites yet. My grandmother has a reputation when it comes to Photoshop. She once placed pictures of our house in a Texas Monthly and convinced my Dad that his compound had been featured in an article. I guarantee you that is one “domestic update” that will never be reported on the Old Picture.

  6. Lyz says:

    I love kid photos! Yes, I delete the (thankfully digital) photos of random toys or JUST THE CARPET, but my daughter took some great photos at my brother’s wedding – her perspective is unique, and people are just happier when a kid is behind the camera.:)

    Loving this blog!

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