The White Lady’s Pet Chicken


Above is the group of ladies who prayed that they would one day meet my mother. And oh, was it ever a joyful time when that day finally came–full of celebrations, singing, feasting, and many, many gifts. My mom spoke to them about spending time in the Word every day (while my dad was outside speaking with the men). The ladies had an opportunity to give my parents a report of all the ministry taking place in their community (these are the 10 ladies who started disciple-ing 1,900 women and children after I taught them how to teach). They kept giving me credit for everything. I kept having to remind my parents that it was really God working through these ladies and and not me!

As you can see in the picture above, one of my family’s many gifts were two live chickens. Blessing someone with a fryer is a very generous way of appreciating someone in their culture. And that is where the problems began. Now, anyone who knows my mother, knows she isn’t a chicken eater. She is a chicken keeper. She likes pet chickens. So the rest of the afternoon, the whole village peered on with amazement as my mother sat there petting them, giving them water, and making countless trips to the car because she was afraid it was going to be too hot for them if she didn’t roll down all the windows down (personally I would have preferred my car not being used as a bird cage, but oh well). After she had given them both names, I finally broke the bad news to the village. My mom was not going to eat their chickens. The chickens were going to be pet birds who would live out their happy little lives in the Wootton’s back yard. At first there was a long pause of silence, and a little bit of confusion, but then they all laughed and no one was offended. The Pastors were happy because they got a good laugh, and my mother was happy because her coming had saved the lives of two innocent fowl.   DSC03997

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  1. Holly Garcia says:

    Hi Elizabeth! And if Anna and Paul are still there, hello to you too! What a joy it was to read your post just now, Elizabeth. We are so blessed that your mom and dad are there with you and able to minister too. Can only imagine how blessed they are to see how appreciative the people that you’re working with are of your service to them. Such a blessing. Love to y’all!

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