Paul’s Heavenly, Huge Watermelons

12476374_10206827611061545_1580667777_nAs our well project proved more and more difficult, the Lord sent us some encouragement. This is Paul. Paul is a retired Ugandan Revenue official who decided to plant some watermelon seeds in  his backyard one day. In two and a half months time, without any fertilizers or pesticides, Paul had so many 10 Kg watermelons he din’t know what to do with himself. Finally, he packed up a loading truck and hauled them to a distant city where they all sold in under 30 minutes.

well-water-pump-africaJohn has had the vision of planting watermelons in Serere for over a year now. He was enthusiastic about it becoming a way for pastors in the area to support themselves, but we never imagined that there was someone already doing it! This means it is possible to grow giant melons in Serere! Not only are Paul’s melon’s huge, but they are the sweetest I have ever tasted in my life–which is why they are in such high demand.

Meeting Paul, and learning from him has been a huge encouragement from the Lord. He is really eager for us to start the same project as him, and has even helped us with the well digging project.  We have already bought all the same seeds and are now just waiting on the well to be finish.


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