The Village Project


Pictured above is my in-laws’ home in Serere County, Uganda. People say that there is no such thing as the edge of the earth, but my husband believes if people visited his village, they would change their minds.

Anyways, while we are waiting for our new discipleship classes to organize themselves, we have used some of the money from our wedding shower [not ministry money] to dig John’s family a well. My in-laws are sustenance farmers, so things become very tough when the dry season comes. Because of our desire to fulfill 1 Tim 5:8, we hope to secure them a well, solar operated pump, small water tower, and the hoses they need to grow watermelons–a much more lucrative business than sustenance farming.  We hope that their efforts will serve as a demo project for future indigenous pastors we will work with.

digging-well-africaSo, how do you dig a well (traditional style)? You hire a man with an old, little hoe of course.

After a few days of digging, our man was deep enough to hit water. At this point everyone was rejoicing, but it wasn’t over yet. For there to be adequate water he needed to dig deeper, and he couldn’t because the little water in the well was accumulating over a few hours to become enough for him to drown. This is where our problems began.

well-digging-africa It has been extremely challenging and there has been only small progress on a daily basis.  We have been using multiple water pumps (and many different hoses with many different air leakages) to keep the water from rising while the man is down in the pit. After three weeks of digging, he finally hit rock and walked off on the job. Now the new guy (pictured left) has taken three days to crack through the rock with a friend’s crowbar. We are now past the rocky part and going deeper. Each foot deeper means less oxygen at the bottom and less progress at a go. Good news is, we are only an estimated 5 feet away from finishing! Please pray for our little project, and for the man at the bottom of the well. 12324935_10206827704543882_1344977455_n

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  1. Linda Dansby says:

    What a wonderful project Elizabeth. Praying!

    • elizabeth says:

      Thank you so much. I am sorry it took me so long to respond! We are really trying. Progress is still slow but progress is progress.

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