The Lost Art of Shoe Shining

Over the years I have occasionally posted things that are culturally different, but this one is something I have never covered–the lost art of shoe shining. Never in America have I seen shoe shiners, but her in Kenya, you cannot make it half a block without passing them. These men can shine shoes, resole old shoes, or just make you a new pair from scratch. The only thing they don’t offer are pedicures.

Below are pictures of the process. I would break it down for you step by step, but I don’t know how it works…not something I have ever had done.


2 Responses to The Lost Art of Shoe Shining

  1. Derrick says:

    Can you post a video when you get the chance!

  2. AL Luedecke says:

    You can still find shoeshine stands at some airports and in barber shops in the metropolitan cities. Having your shoes shined is one of the more enjoyable things you can do because it is fun to watch and makes your shoes shine like new.

    I agree with Derrick, a video would be great.


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