Tea Plantations

Feeling better and back to the rolling hills of lime green! I have to admit, there are few things I look forward to like teaching in the Nandi Hills. It is so beautiful there and the students are an excellent group of godly men and women who are eager to start disciplining people.

The rolling hills of lime green tea plantations are full of workers who hand pick each tea leaf. You can tell how old the shrubs are by examining their trunk. Someone told me that this specific field was planed hundreds of years ago by the British.


Tea Plant

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  1. erick sisimwo says:

    Hi Elizabeth.my name is erick.i just came across your work in nursing as well as christ teachings to the people in kenya.thank you so much for what you do.my hometown is kitale though i moved to the usa in 2010.i am currently a nursing student living in missouri.may the lord bless all that you do.its amazing how somebody can decide to leave the comfort of their home to go miles away and help the less fortunate.keep doing what you do.thank you and God bless you

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