Take Every Opportunity Part 2

Success! The waiter at the restaurant has started asking me questions about Jesus. I still don’t know whether he is saved or not, but he is secretively writing me questions about Jesus on the back of the receipt paper and slipping them to me with the bill. I then answer his questions under the table while I am eating, and slip them back to him in a wad of money so no one sees it. [May I pause for a moment and hum the 007 tune?  Just kidding.]

So, here is another person full of questions about Jesus and all they needed was someone to say “I’m happy to try and answer those!” Like I said, I don’t know if he is a Christian or not, but he has told me that he is studying the Foundation Course I gave him, so I figure he must have a Bible.

I think the reason why I avoided telling people I could answer their questions about Jesus for the majority of my life was because of my pride. No one wants to look dumb when they don’t know the answer to a simple question! Truth is, that fear and pride keeps many of us from answering 100s of questions we know the answers to. So, be bold! Don’t fear! If you see someone seeking or someone who is a relatively knew believer, just tell them you can answer their questions. Who knows, you might be able to pretend you are a secret agent for a day ;).

4 Responses to Take Every Opportunity Part 2

  1. cousin Paula says:

    Wow Elizabeth! Your posts are inspiring. Thanks for sharing what God can do with a willing servant.

  2. Nora says:

    Once again Elizabeth, you humble me and inspire me. You are truly a blessing wherever you go. Just know that my prayers are always with you

  3. Kennedy maomond says:

    hey lizzante!! u always have my prayers dear!” you the most kind person i know and i think the work of a nurse realy suits you!! you remind me of the story of the good samaritan!! may God bless you abundantly even as u inspire people like me!! you are nurse for Jesus!!

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