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God’s Provision

We received some very good news yesterday. My application for a work permit was approved for three years! It has just been by God’s mercy that I have been able to stay with my husband for the last year on random different passes. We are so grateful for the friends who have helped us in this area. My mind has… (more…)

Little Mama Maria’s Restaurant

After spending two hours at the border of Malawi, our team was quite hungry, but we pushed on without food. We passed little town after little town but no clean restaurant in sight. Finally, we saw a sign written “cold drinks sold here.” We decided to parked the car and pulled over. After following what could have been a cow… (more…)

Follow Up

When I first started living out my faith, I pictured evangelism, conversions, and baptisms as the most exciting part of outreach. My contemplation of ¬†“follow up” was this grueling thing that came afterwards full of disappointments and missionary “burn out.” Truthfully, I could have never been more wrong! Follow up is the most exciting part of ministry. It starts with… (more…)

As The Wait Continues

  Well, here is Kitale’s main Dental Clinic. I spent nearly an hour waiting on the dentist’s¬†assistant to inform me that in fact, the drilling equipment will not be fixed for at least another 2 months. My question being, how do you take care of your patients if your equipment is broken? Answer: we can still pull the teeth. I… (more…)

Church Mattaw

  Our new church is almost completely finished! It is where my temporary office will be located. I walked out to the construction site to take a peek, and I found all the house dads. I had been wondering where they were! Joseph welcomed me and gave me a shovel. I was assigned the duty of mixing cement and refilling… (more…)