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Whatever You do Don’t Touch Him!

My parents and Austin came for a visit last month and we had a wonderful time with them. The majority of the ministry they helped with was marriage conferences. I will never forget the day the whole church broke out in laughter when my father grabbed John by the hand during a skit. It turns out, in Teso culture, it… (more…)

Pokot Wedding

There was a huge wedding in Pokot this weekend thanks to Life Changing Discipleship and Greg and Beverly Wootten. They really gave there all to provide these pastors and their wife’s with an official wedding. In Kenya, marriage is a very difficult subject. Mainly because a man must pay a hefty dowry to their future father-in-law before they can officially marry a young lady.… (more…)

African Wedding

  Well, the day for my friends’ wedding finally came. All I can say is that weddings are quite a cross cultural experience. They stopped by my house today to see the photos and told me that everyone kept asking them “where’d you find the white girl?” By the end of the day, I had not only been in their wedding… (more…)