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Three Month Old

Our  little girl just celebrated her first 3 months by going out to the village with us to pay the grandparents a visit. She got to ride in the car seat, meet the whole clan, suck her thumb with her cousins, and wrapped up all the excitement, new faces, and smells, by taking a much needed nap in her aunts grass… (more…)

Average Town in Africa

Below are pictures of Saboti. This is where I travel to teach class on Friday. It’s a good example of the average looking town in Africa. I don’t know why, but sometimes when I am here I feel like I’m in an old Western. 

Farm Roads Away

Well, I got in the car with the family visiting from Corpus Christi and we went on a road trip–which in Kenya is translated “nausea, big headache and bruised coccyx.” We took farm road after farm road and hit pothole after pothole until we finally arrived at the little village we were searching for.  We brought them some food and payed a… (more…)