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Not Your Typical Teenager

For the past three months, there has been a team visiting from Slavic Missionary Bible School (SMBS). One day, they wondered upon Eli’s home while taking a shortcut from their house to the vegetable market. Eli’s aunt persistently invited them  to come and eat dinner at her home, so they used the opportunity to start a Bible Study once a… (more…)

School’s out for Summer

I could easily tell on my way to Mattaw today that school has let out. Unlike in America, you can tell these mid-school and high-school teens are on break because they are gathering fire wood off the side of the street and riding their maize into town on the back of their bicycles. Being out of school isn’t always that much fun,… (more…)

The Street Boys

Every child in Kitale has a story. Some worse than others, some more adventuresome than others, and some that just take your breath away. One of the most fascinating, but yet tragic stories of African life, is that of a street boy. Turkana (a place that is now being stricken by famine) has a history of tribal warfare. Partially because one tribe believes… (more…)