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Good, Gooder, Goodest!

I will never forget Pastor Adam from Mbeya. “Good, Gooder, Goodest!” was always this old baba’s response to a job well done. Although he knew better, he loved to make fun of his English. He and his church were very enthusiastic about BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors). By the time we left Tanzania on our way back to Kenya,… (more…)

Witnessing to the Lost

One of the hardest things about evangelism is reaching out to religious people. Sometimes, I would willfully take on an atheist over a religious person.  When my friends and I were in Tanzania, we met a group of ladies who had been sitting in church their whole lives, but when my friend Daniel and I shared the Gospel with them,  they… (more…)

Pray for Tanzania Mission Trip

The Wootton family, a few Kenyan BTCP teachers, a group of BTCP students from Uganda, and I will be leaving for Tanzania on the 5th of this month to meet up with a team from Johnson Ferry Baptist Church. We will be there for a week and a half working with local churches and BTCP schools.  Please continue to keep… (more…)