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Unpacking Nightmare

Well, I believe there were more in those bags than I thought! I have spent the whole day unpacking and cleaning dusty things from my old room at Mattaw’s house. It finally got so overwhelming I decided to go on a walk and visit the local Market. It was an  interesting experience learning how to barter with the local vendors… (more…)

Anyone In Need of a Quality Butcher

  I don’t know about you, but the sign has me fully convinced. I’m sure this place had nothing to do with the two cases of food poisoning I experienced over the month of December.  

Grocery Shopping

  Today is Saturday, and that can mean only one thing . . . Grocery Shopping! Back home grocery shopping means making a quick run to a place like Walmart. In Africa, grocery shopping is an adventure. Food is sold in an outdoor market as seen above. You walk around and literally buy produce off the ground. Each little heap… (more…)

Where Do You Live?

Kitale Market

Now that everyone is aware that the house hunt has begun, I have had many questions arise as to where I live. I do not live at Mattaw. Mainly for two reasons: the housing there is not available for staff, and there is no electricity. So, I live in the great city of Kitale–population 85,000. I do spend most of… (more…)

Shopping in Africa

A special thanks to the readers of this blog, Peter is fully sponsored and Dan is only lacking a few. So, we went to the market today and found some new clothes for both them and Angeline. Kitale has one of the largest shopping malls in all of Western Kenya. It is quite different than an American shopping mall. Especially… (more…)