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When Playgrounds Go Wrong

If your kid refuses to put his shoes on, you might want to show him this. These pictures are a bit blurry because I’m having to hold this kid’s leg up, but what we have here is a bad case of gangreen and a jigger infestation.  Kids get these blood drinking fleas from walking around without their shoes on. This… (more…)

New Shoes

Pictured here is Shayh, she is a pediatric physical therapist from the States and has been a great blessing to us this week. All the kids want to play with the equipment she donated AKA “the new toys.” Her equipment is a huge contrast to Kitale’s physical therapy center–which is about the closest thing I have ever seen to a Medieval torture… (more…)

Precious little Feet

Once a month the Mattaw children spend an afternoon dusting, washing, and polishing until every shoe in the village is clean. My question is, how do they keep straight who’s are whos? One of the girls was sick last month, and it took her father 15 minutes to figure out which pair were her’s so I could take her to… (more…)