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Guess who we ran into on our way home from the airport with our team from SMBS? Greg, Bev, Isaac, and Ezekiel Wootton! It was quite unusual to point out the window on the safari home and say “Hey, and over there are the missionaries who trained us!” We were very encouraged to spend a few minutes praying with them.… (more…)

Walking to Town

If there is anything I use to hate about living in Africa that I now love, it is having to walk to town. Everything is so green this time of the year. However, you can’t get too enamored by the view, and forget about traffic. Bicyclists don’t know how to dodge pedestrians here. The one pictured here is actually a Taxi bicycle.

African Road Trip

My friends and I went on a road trip today. We were looking for new farming land for Mattaw. I took a bunch of pictures for you all to show you what Kenya looks like during the Dry season. Driving down the road created so much dust that we were covered in red dirt by the time we got home.… (more…)