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More Chai Please

Well, Georgie has learned how to make chai, but you might want to watch out because I’m not sure what’s in it. Typically chai is half tea, half milk, and a spoon full of sugar, but George has added some new modifications involving some white squishy substance, pinto beans, and some local garden sprouts. We had fun playing for a… (more…)

Fresh Chocolate Milk

Sorry Georgie boy, I know it take’s me forever, but you need to learn some patience if you intend to ask this city girl for a glass of milk. It is amazing how much work goes into one liter of milk! Ok, new recipe for everyone.  Mattaw’s World Class Chocolate Milk: 1) 1 1/2 cups Whole Cow Milk (Preferably from… (more…)

What a Day

Well, I am finally crawling in bed, and it feels so good after a long day. My two roommates have been at the coast on vacation for the last two weeks and are finally home! Now, as any good friend, I felt inclined to provide these world travelers with a decent meal after their 20 hour bus ride. Yes, I was going to give them… (more…)