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220 Gave Their Lives to Jesus

I was overwhelmed with joy to visit the ladies class up in the mountains this past week! After being away three months in the States, I came home to find them teaching a total of 1,600 people–mainly children. Pictured above is a BTCP graduate who came each day while I was teaching the ladies to encourage them. He took notes… (more…)

Teaching the Bible in the Public Schools

I have had an awesome week! I have started visiting my new classes and I have seen God working in a lot of hearts. My hope is to get all the BTCP students teaching the Bible in the Kenyan High Schools. I shared my testimony with the BTCP students in Pokot, Kaptama, and ICM campus. Then I explained how far… (more…)

How do you climb up the Mountain?

Transport is a very interesting thing in Kenya. At first it seems very chaotic, but it is actually very ingenious. To travel up the mountain to the little¬†high school¬†takes two hours by public matatu (buses pictured below). If you want on the bus, you raise your eyebrows to signal the driver. Then, he pulls over, tells you which town he… (more…)