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10 Hours into the Bush

10 hours into the bush, you will find a people group who have been at war since history was written. These people are known as Pokot and they war with a tribe called Turkana. We spent three days up in the remote border area of these two tribes witnessing, evangelizing, offering medical care, and showing the Jesus film to these… (more…)

Ortum Town Pokot

Three hours drive past where I live on the road to Kakuma Refugee Camp lies a little village called Ortum. It is in Pokot territory and looks like something out of an old western movie. My friend and I went to visit the newly opened BTCP class there. I was so blessed to meet all of Pastor Ruben’s new students.… (more…)

Why Should We Share the Gospel?

There is such a point as too late. I am sure everyone reading this has seen the horrifying consequence of the absence of God in someone’s life, so I will spare you the photos. Dr. Phau took my friends visiting from Texas and I to the morgue the other day. Luckily for us, there was enough room for all the… (more…)

Chief’s Village

Ok, thank you everyone for your prayers. I am feeling 100% better and strong as ever before. However, I did not leave for Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda with the team on Friday. I stayed behind. I felt at complete peace about the decision and had many confirmations that I needed to stay home and help with things here. So, now… (more…)

Home from Pokot

I have arrived safely home from Pokot. There was a lot of joyous celebration and acceptance of the gospel by these people this week. Praise the Lord for everything He accomplished and everything He will continue to do. I will say living in a tent for a straight week without running water or electricity is difficult, but God provided all… (more…)

West Pokot

[Sorry for not posting anything this past week. I have sacrificed the time I use to blog and answer emails this week to finish online continuing education classes required for my nursing license. Not fun, but my last exam will be over with tomorrow!] There is something about West Pokot that makes me feel like I am in the Old,… (more…)

Things are Getting Kuku

Kuku in Swahili means chicken. So no, things are not getting crazy around here, but there has recently been a large influx of chickens. When a student pays for a class with a chicken, it is my job to transport it home. This week, my students brought 5 with them. If you can imagine my coworker and I stuffed into… (more…)