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When Playgrounds Go Wrong

If your kid refuses to put his shoes on, you might want to show him this. These pictures are a bit blurry because I’m having to hold this kid’s leg up, but what we have here is a bad case of gangreen and a jigger infestation.  Kids get these blood drinking fleas from walking around without their shoes on. This… (more…)

Mattaw’s Youngest Soccer Player

Looking at this soccer ball, it is hard to believe that only two weeks ago it was brightly colored and had scripture memory on every side. However, this is what happens when every child in a village dreams  of playing professional soccer. Things just wear out. Pictured to the left is Junior (Mattaw’s youngest soccer junkie). He controls the ball with… (more…)

Bucket Rides

Sometimes it amazes me the creativity these kids have when it comes to new toys. No, they aren’t lacking in toys, they just like to make their own. Pictured here is a water collection bucket with newly added orange reins. They have been taking turns playing horse and buggy for the past week. Our visitors from the States have become… (more…)