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Our Upcoming Photographer

Well, Peter is back to running around Mattaw with my camera. (If you remember, Peter is the boy with Cards for Kenya). Unfortunately, he is back to his old habit of cropping everyone’s head out of the picture. I also caught him running into his room to get pictures of Chumba’s dirty diaper, but luckily his mother saved my camera from… (more…)

Peter’s January Album

Peter has been busy this week running around Mattaw taking pictures for Cards for Kenya. I have the website uploaded onto my laptop and cannot wait to show it to him tomorrow. I told his parents it was already on the internet, but it will be a huge surprise to him.  

Cards for Kenya

  Peter, our little African photographer, has been quite busy over the last few months taking pictures for everyone. Thanks to a group of high school students in Eldorado, Peter now has his own website! I sat down with Peter a few weeks ago and explained to him that there where people who wanted to publish his art. He was very excited… (more…)

Through The Eyes of a Child

I will be taking five children to the lab this morning for screenings (HIV, typhoid, tb, malaria), so please pray for everyone’s health. In the mean time, Peter has regained his interest in photography. I must say, he is improving. We all have heads now! You should see him motioning for everyone to lean into the picture as he gets… (more…)