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My Little Buddy

I had shared with you about a month ago how I got to participate in the “Rescue” of Peter. Peter was surviving by digging through garbage to try and find small scraps to eat. It was one of the most memorable days of my life to get to go pick him up, and bring him to Mattaw. Peter has adjusted… (more…)

Soccer Injury

You can always tell what sparks Peter’s curiosity by checking my memory card–gory soccer injuries being the newest category. You will remember Peter is the little African boy with a fascination for my camera. Yes, Peter, another toenail has gone missing at Mattaw. Thank you for capturing multiple angles, I enjoyed reminiscing. lol. I think this goes to prove that eight year… (more…)

Peter and Dan Need Sponsorship Now


I spend a lot of time showing you Peter’s photography, but I have not told you much about his past. Humphrey, our social worker, was walking home one day when he found two starving little boys digging through the trash. These two boys’ names were Peter and Dan. They had very little–basically the cloths on their back and Angeline, Peter’s… (more…)

Peter’s Picture of the Week

Here is Peter’s photo of the week. Remember, Peter is the little guy that has developed the fascination with my camera. He continues to improve his photographic skills. This is one of my favorites ever. It is a picture of Bryan. Bryan is one of Peter’s brothers. Him, Peter, Dan, and Dominique share a room and they are inseparable friends–praise… (more…)

Through The Eyes of a Child

I will be taking five children to the lab this morning for screenings (HIV, typhoid, tb, malaria), so please pray for everyone’s health. In the mean time, Peter has regained his interest in photography. I must say, he is improving. We all have heads now! You should see him motioning for everyone to lean into the picture as he gets… (more…)

Boys will be Boys

Here is a picture of Dan coming to greet me. He and his cousin Peter have become very skilled at spotting me afar. (Dan is Peter’s biological cousin. If you remember we rescued them together a few weeks ago.) I think I am going to start calling House 3 the “Rough House,” in honor of them and their new brothers. They run, jump,… (more…)

Peter’s Job Quest

Well, I believe our little friend Peter has decided to try a hand at construction work. Unfortunately, he soon decided he was too short for this as well. I am thinking of turning this picture into an inspirational poster and labeling it “Optimism.” The children at Mattaw have chores every day they are asked to complete for their family. It builds character. But… (more…)