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Rescue Center Update

Before Lisa left, we went and bought Bibles for all the children at the Rescue Center. If you remember from an earlier post, these are the orphaned children that have absolutely nothing, but have everything in Jesus. Although they find themselves with hardly any food at the end of the month, they still get up at 5:00 in the morning to… (more…)

Happy Birthday

Mattaw Children’s Village is having another birthday party! My boss is planning to celebrate quite a few birthdays this summer so our visitors can enjoy this experience. If there is one thing these kids know how to do, it’s celebrating life. Usually we keep everyone outside the church untill the decorating is done, but today we found some little, helpful… (more…)

Precious little Feet

Once a month the Mattaw children spend an afternoon dusting, washing, and polishing until every shoe in the village is clean. My question is, how do they keep straight who’s are whos? One of the girls was sick last month, and it took her father 15 minutes to figure out which pair were her’s so I could take her to… (more…)

Texas Girl Fashion

Let me tell you, I got dressed up for church this week–and when I say dressed up I mean Bible Belt, West Texas Style. I had everything from the spiky little heals to the fancy hair tie. Now, usually the Mattaw children understand that it is impolite to stare, but for some reason I was getting stared at the whole entire morning. I never felt… (more…)

Rescuing Orphans

Mattaw is hoping to open house four by Valentines day, which means we will have two new house parents and twelve new orphans running around Mattaw. Our social worker and the directors have been busy over the last few months finding children in desperate situations and making decisions on who to take home. We headed out to a street kid rehabilitation program day… (more…)

Boys to Men

Well, if you remember our bead making party with the girls the other night, there was an underlying reason for that. All the boys were back at the village being circumcised. Yes, even our little Baby Georgie. In the Kenyan culture, circumcision marks the transition in life from being a child to becoming a man, so as you can imagine, it is often distorted as an… (more…)

The Mosquito has Landed

Sorry everyone for my lack of postings this week! The internet has been down, so despite my best efforts, I have not been able to post. So, I will try and catch you up quickly. I guess I should start by letting you know that I have Malaria. My roommate and I both have a case of it.  I must say… (more…)