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Playing with Orphans

Once again, I find myself amazed with the ingenuity of a child. I spent a weekend with an organization called PureLove.  They went to these children to provide them with food for the next month and to play with them. However, I think they provided us with more entertainment then we did them! Pictured to the left is a game that these children had constructed.… (more…)

Basketball Comes to Mattaw

The new Basketball court is finally finished, however, I think it will take the kids a while to get the rules of the game down. So far, shooting from the back side of the hoop, having more than one ball on the court, and tackling are allowed.

Building a Home

Mike Duff’s Team from New Mexico arrived today and they are constructing house 6 at Mattaw. Many of the children were quick to help. They wanted to build a place for other orphans to live. A place for children who are living a miserable life that is now forgotten in their past. Without even being asked, Franco jumped in and started moving… (more…)

Happy Birthday

Mattaw Children’s Village is having another birthday party! My boss is planning to celebrate quite a few birthdays this summer so our visitors can enjoy this experience. If there is one thing these kids know how to do, it’s celebrating life. Usually we keep everyone outside the church untill the decorating is done, but today we found some little, helpful… (more…)

Making Bricks

Mattaw’s house dads have been busy this month. They are building guest houses for our visitors, and at Mattaw, building anything means making bricks. Right now, their quota is 400 bricks/day. It dawned on me today that I have never shown you all our brick machine, so here are some pictures! We are very blessed to have this yellow thing.… (more…)

Peter and Chumba

I was able to spend  today with Peter (the boy who plays with my camera and has the website cardsforkenya.org). According to one of my coworkers, Caleb, Peter has been asking about me everyday since I left.  He said the other children were too timid to ask, so they would gang up on Peter and make him request the “progress… (more…)

Welcoming Back

Well, what can I say about my first day at Mattaw? Those kids have obviously missed me. lol. I am caught up on two months worth of hugs, missing a few patches of hair and finally feel at home again. The rain kept us inside for an hour or two so beauty parlor was the game of choice today.