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New Shoes

Pictured here is Shayh, she is a pediatric physical therapist from the States and has been a great blessing to us this week. All the kids want to play with the equipment she donated AKA “the new toys.” Her equipment is a huge contrast to Kitale’s physical therapy center–which is about the closest thing I have ever seen to a Medieval torture… (more…)

Bucket Rides

Sometimes it amazes me the creativity these kids have when it comes to new toys. No, they aren’t lacking in toys, they just like to make their own. Pictured here is a water collection bucket with newly added orange reins. They have been taking turns playing horse and buggy for the past week. Our visitors from the States have become… (more…)

The Happy Dance

Well, Georgie has learned to dance. I must say, he’s got the moves down pretty well.  


The vitamins have finally landed at Mattaw! It took quite a great effort for them to arrive here. The children absolutely love them. Here is a picture of Peter’s mother handing him one! If you all remember, peter is the one that raised the money for them. It has been a long week and still a few more days to go!… (more…)

Cards for Kenya

  Peter, our little African photographer, has been quite busy over the last few months taking pictures for everyone. Thanks to a group of high school students in Eldorado, Peter now has his own website! I sat down with Peter a few weeks ago and explained to him that there where people who wanted to publish his art. He was very excited… (more…)

My Little Buddy

I had shared with you about a month ago how I got to participate in the “Rescue” of Peter. Peter was surviving by digging through garbage to try and find small scraps to eat. It was one of the most memorable days of my life to get to go pick him up, and bring him to Mattaw. Peter has adjusted… (more…)

Peter’s Picture of the Week

Here is Peter’s photo of the week. Remember, Peter is the little guy that has developed the fascination with my camera. He continues to improve his photographic skills. This is one of my favorites ever. It is a picture of Bryan. Bryan is one of Peter’s brothers. Him, Peter, Dan, and Dominique share a room and they are inseparable friends–praise… (more…)