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Some Humor for You

I was at the hospital today and snapped this picture. I thought you might enjoy having some fun with it. Just move the decimal point two spaces to the left and you will have estimated the cost of these procedures in US dollars. One of my Kenyan friends told me that he has known of Americans coming to Kenya for health… (more…)

New Shoes

Pictured here is Shayh, she is a pediatric physical therapist from the States and has been a great blessing to us this week. All the kids want to play with the equipment she donated AKA “the new toys.” Her equipment is a huge contrast to Kitale’s physical therapy center–which is about the closest thing I have ever seen to a Medieval torture… (more…)

Play Therapy

Well, we were supposed to have “physical” therapy, but that didn’t happen. Supposedly Kenyan physical therapists expect patients to keep medical records on themselves and bring them to every appointment. So, being naive as I am, I piled the kids in the van and drove them all the way to town just to find out I don’t have the medical records, and hence… (more…)

Dominique’s Smile

Well, I believe I have finally found it! Dominique does have a smile. Unfortunately I snapped the picture right before it turned into a full fledged grin.  It has been nearly a month since we rescued him. I talked to his mother about it and she told me “he was just too embarrassed about his missing teeth.” Supposedly, some Kenyan children are humiliated when they… (more…)

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Well, here I am again for the 1,000th time without a head. Peter, our little friend with the bad knee, is aspiring to become a photographer. He keeps leaving me presents on my camera. I think we need to teach him the importance of including people’s heads. These (with about 10,000 other shots) make me remember how different the world looks through… (more…)

Longest 35 Minutes of My Life

I described earlier about the thrilling experience of helping rescue Dominique from the slums near Kitale. Once rescued, the focus becomes nursing him back to good health. As nurse at Mattaw, it is my job to get the new children tested–tested for HIV, typhoid, and malaria. So, my mission was to get Little Dominique to a blood lab, and get… (more…)