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Longest 35 Minutes of My Life

I described earlier about the thrilling experience of helping rescue Dominique from the slums near Kitale. Once rescued, the focus becomes nursing him back to good health. As nurse at Mattaw, it is my job to get the new children tested–tested for HIV, typhoid, and malaria. So, my mission was to get Little Dominique to a blood lab, and get… (more…)

Little George

This is little Georgie, Mattaw’s youngest child. No trip to Mattaw is complete without a debriefing on his cute, cunning ways. See, Georgie is what we call a charmer. He knows how to work the system. In fact, by the time Georgie was two, he had become so experienced at charming people that tourists were not allowed to pick him… (more…)

Five Minutes in Mattaw

I wanted to take this video and share it with you to show you that Mattaw is a happy place. So often we see the misery of Africa, but this video shows that we can make a difference, and  your help here does matter. Lots of love and lots of fun!

Sweet Ride

Looks like I will be traveling around in style with Bud and Kimberly, the directors of Mattaw. This is one sweet Ride!