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Boys will be Boys

Here is a picture of Dan coming to greet me. He and his cousin Peter have become very skilled at spotting me afar. (Dan is Peter’s biological cousin. If you remember we rescued them together a few weeks ago.) I think I am going to start calling House 3 the “Rough House,” in honor of them and their new brothers. They run, jump,… (more…)

Chief Chefs of Mattaw

As a nurse, I may just have a tendency to notice things other’s do not, but that is a really big knife in a little girl’s hand! Amazingly, they are both quite skilled. In fact, they are probably better at chopping things than I am. One of them doesn’t even use the cutting board. Daisy just holds the cabbage in her hand… (more…)

Peter’s Job Quest

Well, I believe our little friend Peter has decided to try a hand at construction work. Unfortunately, he soon decided he was too short for this as well. I am thinking of turning this picture into an inspirational poster and labeling it “Optimism.” The children at Mattaw have chores every day they are asked to complete for their family. It builds character. But… (more…)

Sunday Suits

One thing is for sure, church is considered serious business in Kitale. All the streets are packed full of traffic on Sunday morning as people try and make it to church on time. All of the little girls fashion their beautiful, handmade dresses, and all of the men wear their best suits. Whereas, little boys stand out awkwardly by just wearing… (more…)

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Well, here I am again for the 1,000th time without a head. Peter, our little friend with the bad knee, is aspiring to become a photographer. He keeps leaving me presents on my camera. I think we need to teach him the importance of including people’s heads. These (with about 10,000 other shots) make me remember how different the world looks through… (more…)

Mattaw Children’s School

School is out for the weekend, so all the children are busy playing today and catching up on chores. But, for the remainder of the week, they attend the school at Mattaw Children’s Village. The ministry believes it is important that each of these children receive an outstanding  education. So, instead of sending them to the private schools in Kitale, they built their own private school.… (more…)

Georgie’s Day

Well, if you remember my post on Little Georgie, I think it would be a shame not to announce that it is his B-day. He turned three years old today. He ran around telling everyone “it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.” While all the other children were sharing their food, he sat there and ate his whole cake all by… (more…)