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Team Mattaw

I regretably must announce that Mattaw just suffered an extremely unexpected defeat at a soccer match. No one saw it coming . . . Mattaw always wins. The kids take soccer more serious than any I have ever seen. Hence, we now have a soccer coach! He hopes to have them whipped back into shape by friday for the big match.

Picture Day

We had our annual photo day at Mattaw this week and took pictures for all the sponsors. All the little girls dressed up in their finest dresses. Then, it was back to play cloths, baseball, and more snap shots. Everything was going well until Peter fell into the flower bed and smashed half of our beautiful flowers. All the children found… (more…)

Georgie Boy

Well, Georgie is at it again–using his manipulative baby cuteness to gain attention. I caught him singing to his new baseball glove yesterday. All the children at Mattaw have seen this video at least 10 times.  They laugh every time (especially Peter). Translation:  “We give you all the glory, we worship you our Lord, you are worthy to be praised (Swahili) I… (more…)

Dominique’s Smile

Well, I believe I have finally found it! Dominique does have a smile. Unfortunately I snapped the picture right before it turned into a full fledged grin.  It has been nearly a month since we rescued him. I talked to his mother about it and she told me “he was just too embarrassed about his missing teeth.” Supposedly, some Kenyan children are humiliated when they… (more…)

Through The Eyes of a Child

I will be taking five children to the lab this morning for screenings (HIV, typhoid, tb, malaria), so please pray for everyone’s health. In the mean time, Peter has regained his interest in photography. I must say, he is improving. We all have heads now! You should see him motioning for everyone to lean into the picture as he gets… (more…)

Blood Diamond

My friends found out I had never seen the movie Blood Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio, so we had a movie night. It is easy for me to believe the movie was filmed in Kenya, and even though it was just acting, it was almost too hard for me to watch. So many of them look just like the children I know.… (more…)

UT is Beating Oklahoma 11 to 3!

Well, we finally made it…girl’s night is here! This is a time for the older girls at Mattaw to leave the village and have a slumber party in town. We watch chick flicks, eat homemade goodies, and play a few games. We all have been anticipating it for days now. When I say “all” I left out the boys who… (more…)