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Boys to Men

Well, if you remember our bead making party with the girls the other night, there was an underlying reason for that. All the boys were back at the village being circumcised. Yes, even our little Baby Georgie. In the Kenyan culture, circumcision marks the transition in life from being a child to becoming a man, so as you can imagine, it is often distorted as an… (more…)


I have to write all the readers of this blog a special thank you! Our goofy little friend Peter Obote and his cousin Dan are fully sponsored. If you are still waiting on a sponsorship package, I contacted our sponsorship manager, and I hope to hear back  from her regarding the exact waiting period. Please bear with us, we have… (more…)

The Mosquito has Landed

Sorry everyone for my lack of postings this week! The internet has been down, so despite my best efforts, I have not been able to post. So, I will try and catch you up quickly. I guess I should start by letting you know that I have Malaria. My roommate and I both have a case of it.  I must say… (more…)

Church Mattaw

  Our new church is almost completely finished! It is where my temporary office will be located. I walked out to the construction site to take a peek, and I found all the house dads. I had been wondering where they were! Joseph welcomed me and gave me a shovel. I was assigned the duty of mixing cement and refilling… (more…)

Cooking with Grace

Grace, one of our house moms asked me to chop cabbage for her the other day. I was shocked to see her complete this task without a cutting board. She just picks up all the vegetables and minces them in her bare hands. She got a good laugh at me and my makeshift cutting board. I think I actually slowed… (more…)

Soccer Injury

You can always tell what sparks Peter’s curiosity by checking my memory card–gory soccer injuries being the newest category. You will remember Peter is the little African boy with a fascination for my camera. Yes, Peter, another toenail has gone missing at Mattaw. Thank you for capturing multiple angles, I enjoyed reminiscing. lol. I think this goes to prove that eight year… (more…)


I think it is time to introduce you to one of Mattaw’s most beloved friends, Chewy. Peter finally captured a picture of our speedy friend. In Kenya it is pretty customary for children to abuse dogs, so Chewy’s job is to teach them how to respect animals and play nicely. She is a very smart girl. She is even potty… (more…)