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The Happy Dance

Well, Georgie has learned to dance. I must say, he’s got the moves down pretty well.  

Peter and Chumba

I was able to spend  today with Peter (the boy who plays with my camera and has the website cardsforkenya.org). According to one of my coworkers, Caleb, Peter has been asking about me everyday since I left.  He said the other children were too timid to ask, so they would gang up on Peter and make him request the “progress… (more…)

Welcoming Back

Well, what can I say about my first day at Mattaw? Those kids have obviously missed me. lol. I am caught up on two months worth of hugs, missing a few patches of hair and finally feel at home again. The rain kept us inside for an hour or two so beauty parlor was the game of choice today.

Texas Girl Fashion

Let me tell you, I got dressed up for church this week–and when I say dressed up I mean Bible Belt, West Texas Style. I had everything from the spiky little heals to the fancy hair tie. Now, usually the Mattaw children understand that it is impolite to stare, but for some reason I was getting stared at the whole entire morning. I never felt… (more…)

Peter’s January Album

Peter has been busy this week running around Mattaw taking pictures for Cards for Kenya. I have the website uploaded onto my laptop and cannot wait to show it to him tomorrow. I told his parents it was already on the internet, but it will be a huge surprise to him.  

Lunch at Mattaw

The pictures below are of Chicken Pilau–which is what we had for lunch this Saturday at Mattaw Children’s Village. “Pilau” is the local term for rice and it is the tastiest meal of the week. Christabell, one of our house moms, is known for the dish. All us Americans usually complain about African food, but I have never seen anything come… (more…)

Moving Day

Lunch with Friends in New Home Well, moving day finally came.  I am staying at Mattaw’s guest house until the lease comes due in February. Mattaw’s guest house is a six bedroom five bathroom house, so you can imagine the amount of cleaning I have been doing! My next home will be much smaller, but in the mean time, I am very thankful… (more…)