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Malaria Tests

Now, if you find yourself walking around the corner past BS security service (not to be confused with the BM security services of Nairobi) you will find a lab that offers BS tests. (Does anyone else notice that cussing is not part of Kenya’s English¬†curriculum? This is one of the many reasons I enjoy living here instead of the US).… (more…)

New Kids Coming Home

Thank you everyone for your ¬†prayers. I am out of the hospital but still very sick. Although having malaria is a great frustration, the worst part is the amount of adventure I am missing out on! I wish I had more pictures of what has been happening at Mattaw this week and less second hand stories. We are rescuing kids!… (more…)


Well, it’s that season again and everyone is coming down with it–malaria. I even had to hospitalize one of our boys after his boarding school failed to notify us that he was sick. Now, I have been sick, tested positive for Malaria, and am back on the malaria meds. So far, they are not making a difference. Kitale Kenya could… (more…)