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Shopping in Africa

A special thanks to the readers of this blog, Peter is fully sponsored and Dan is only lacking a few. So, we went to the market today and found some new clothes for both them and Angeline. Kitale has one of the largest shopping malls in all of Western Kenya. It is quite different than an American shopping mall. Especially… (more…)

Meetings Today

I spent today at Mattaw’s guest house. We had our staff meeting there. As of now, there are over 100 people signed up to visit us over the summer! We are blessed to have such a wonderful home to welcome them into. If anyone is interested in coming with their church to visit us here at Mattaw, you can schedule… (more…)

Dominique’s Smile

Well, I believe I have finally found it! Dominique does have a smile. Unfortunately I snapped the picture right before it turned into a full fledged grin.  It has been nearly a month since we rescued him. I talked to his mother about it and she told me “he was just too embarrassed about his missing teeth.” Supposedly, some Kenyan children are humiliated when they… (more…)

The Street Boys

Every child in Kitale has a story. Some worse than others, some more adventuresome than others, and some that just take your breath away. One of the most fascinating, but yet tragic stories of African life, is that of a street boy. Turkana (a place that is now being stricken by famine) has a history of tribal warfare. Partially because one tribe believes… (more…)

Chief Chefs of Mattaw

As a nurse, I may just have a tendency to notice things other’s do not, but that is a really big knife in a little girl’s hand! Amazingly, they are both quite skilled. In fact, they are probably better at chopping things than I am. One of them doesn’t even use the cutting board. Daisy just holds the cabbage in her hand… (more…)

Sunday Suits

One thing is for sure, church is considered serious business in Kitale. All the streets are packed full of traffic on Sunday morning as people try and make it to church on time. All of the little girls fashion their beautiful, handmade dresses, and all of the men wear their best suits. Whereas, little boys stand out awkwardly by just wearing… (more…)

Mattaw Children’s School

School is out for the weekend, so all the children are busy playing today and catching up on chores. But, for the remainder of the week, they attend the school at Mattaw Children’s Village. The ministry believes it is important that each of these children receive an outstanding  education. So, instead of sending them to the private schools in Kitale, they built their own private school.… (more…)