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Servanthood in Action

  As mentioned earlier, each teacher lead one session of the conference that related to their main strengths. The topic of John’s session was servanthood  and how it relates to leadership.  John was overqualified for this topic! Pictured above is Greg commending him on all his service. When we were in Kakuma refugee camp starting a bible school, John was… (more…)

Pray for Discipleship Movement

During the same training I mentioned in yesterdays post, my assigned task was to share with these teachers the system I use to help students start discipleship programs for their community. It was quite a task: training teachers to go and train the teachers under them to train students to go and teach in their communities. What I though was… (more…)

Learning Wisdom From Godly Men

This weekend was full of learning and teaching at what was the first leadership training conference Life Changing Discipleship has hosted. It was a time for teachers overseeing a large number of schools to come together and edify each other. Some of them are overseeing up to 10 BTCP schools and need advice on how best to manage and lead… (more…)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ve tried to make a blog post over the past few days, but for some reason, the pictures were not uploading. We all had a wonderful holiday. Below are some pictures from Christmas day. I taught one of my friends Miriam how to make her first apple pie on Christmas Eve. Short funny story:… (more…)

Enjoying Fellowship

I had a wonderful time this week meeting 15 of BTC’s newest teachers. Greg and Beverly, the missionary couple I work for, had a conference at their home to encourage and equip these men and women before giving them their certifications so they may begin teaching the BTC material. I always love going over to Greg and Beverly’s house because… (more…)

Average Town in Africa

Below are pictures of Saboti. This is where I travel to teach class on Friday. It’s a good example of the average looking town in Africa. I don’t know why, but sometimes when I am here I feel like I’m in an old Western. 

Buying Maize

Kitale and its surrounding areas are the number one maize producers in all of East Africa. We feed the nation with its most common meal, ugali. [Maize is white corn.] This week, I found myself down town at the maize mill buying a sack of ugali flour for an orphanage. I took some pictures on my phone so I could share the… (more…)