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Ingenuity of a Child

Even after being here almost a year, it still amazes me the toys that children create. This young lad was quite proud of his creation. He was running his little Tonka Truck around with sound effects and all.

Sukuma Wiki

  Sukuma Wiki is a very common meal in Kenya and literally means “stretch the week.” My understanding behind the name is that it’s a cheap meal and therefore makes the grocery budget last. In my opinion, Mattaw’s house moms make the best Sukuma Wiki in town. Part of their secret is their little hidden garden over the fence and down the… (more…)

The Average School in Kenya

In Kenya, public schools are usually not much more than cinder-block buildings and mud huts. We visited the local school today and found over 600 children! It’s amazing to think such a small community could have so many children. I counted 6 teachers while I was there. It is amazing how every child behaves himself.  

When Playgrounds Go Wrong

If your kid refuses to put his shoes on, you might want to show him this. These pictures are a bit blurry because I’m having to hold this kid’s leg up, but what we have here is a bad case of gangreen and a jigger infestation.  Kids get these blood drinking fleas from walking around without their shoes on. This… (more…)

Building a Home

Mike Duff’s Team from New Mexico arrived today and they are constructing house 6 at Mattaw. Many of the children were quick to help. They wanted to build a place for other orphans to live. A place for children who are living a miserable life that is now forgotten in their past. Without even being asked, Franco jumped in and started moving… (more…)

Malaria Tests

Now, if you find yourself walking around the corner past BS security service (not to be confused with the BM security services of Nairobi) you will find a lab that offers BS tests. (Does anyone else notice that cussing is not part of Kenya’s English curriculum? This is one of the many reasons I enjoy living here instead of the US).… (more…)

Bush Nurse Ophthalmology

Yes, the time has come for eye exams to begin. As you can see, my outdoor office has more assistants than most ophthalmologists could ever afford to hire. It reminds me of when I was a child and how much fun it was playing dentist, doctor, pilot…. Of course all the fun would come from setting up the office or building the plane. Hardly… (more…)