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Nandi Hills Update

While I was teaching in Bungoma today (I’ll give you a good update on that class later) the BTCP class in Nandi Hills put together a budget for our upcoming teacher training.¬†Basically, I will be training each of my students how to do my job so that they can build up a self sustainable discipleship movement that doesn’t rely on… (more…)

Follow Up

When I first started living out my faith, I pictured evangelism, conversions, and baptisms as the most exciting part of outreach. My contemplation of ¬†“follow up” was this grueling thing that came afterwards full of disappointments and missionary “burn out.” Truthfully, I could have never been more wrong! Follow up is the most exciting part of ministry. It starts with… (more…)

The Brown Zebra

One of my favorite jokes to play on visitors is “Oh, oh, look! It’s a brown zebra! Get the camera! Get the camera!” Believe it or not, stripes and color are the only thing differentiating zebra from donkeys. Same size, same shape, but one is free and the other has a life full of heavy burdens. When we were sharing… (more…)

Witnessing At Highschool

Everyone remembers the first day of high school. For some it was good, and for some it was bad. Can you imagine if your first memory of high school was hearing the Gospel from an older classmate? Everyone has a choice. To share the Gospel with their younger peers or to keep them in darkness. There are so many times… (more…)

Kopsiro Outreach

  The four day outreach in Kopsiro region has begun! So far, 111 exposed to the Gospel and 38 have given their lives to Jesus. We took a new back road to the village and I must say I saw my vehicle scale boulders the size of a car. It was the hardest thing I have ever driven, but it… (more…)

Nandi Hills Certificate Ceremony

The day finally came for the Biblical Foundation Course Certificate Ceremony! 118 indigenous people, reached during evangelism, have successfully completed a 12 month Bible study course taught to them by my students. Godwin, one of my friends from Uganda, was the ‘international’ guest speaker and encouraged them to be humble and continue learning more about Jesus. Below is a video… (more…)

How God Answers When We Pray

The past week has been spent preparing for a certificate ceremony for my students’ students in the Nandi Hills. Part of the ceremony was providing each student with a Bible and a certificate…problem is, we didn’t have enough Bibles. I had way underestimated the number of students who would complete the course. Not only did I need 64 more Bibles… (more…)