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Mattaw Children’s School

School is out for the weekend, so all the children are busy playing today and catching up on chores. But, for the remainder of the week, they attend the school at Mattaw Children’s Village. The ministry believes it is important that each of these children receive an outstanding  education. So, instead of sending them to the private schools in Kitale, they built their own private school.… (more…)

Georgie’s Day

Well, if you remember my post on Little Georgie, I think it would be a shame not to announce that it is his B-day. He turned three years old today. He ran around telling everyone “it’s my birthday, it’s my birthday.” While all the other children were sharing their food, he sat there and ate his whole cake all by… (more…)

Farm Roads Away

Well, I got in the car with the family visiting from Corpus Christi and we went on a road trip–which in Kenya is translated “nausea, big headache and bruised coccyx.” We took farm road after farm road and hit pothole after pothole until we finally arrived at the little village we were searching for.  We brought them some food and payed a… (more…)

Longest 35 Minutes of My Life

I described earlier about the thrilling experience of helping rescue Dominique from the slums near Kitale. Once rescued, the focus becomes nursing him back to good health. As nurse at Mattaw, it is my job to get the new children tested–tested for HIV, typhoid, and malaria. So, my mission was to get Little Dominique to a blood lab, and get… (more…)