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Dominique’s Smile

Well, I believe I have finally found it! Dominique does have a smile. Unfortunately I snapped the picture right before it turned into a full fledged grin.  It has been nearly a month since we rescued him. I talked to his mother about it and she told me “he was just too embarrassed about his missing teeth.” Supposedly, some Kenyan children are humiliated when they… (more…)

Through The Eyes of a Child

I will be taking five children to the lab this morning for screenings (HIV, typhoid, tb, malaria), so please pray for everyone’s health. In the mean time, Peter has regained his interest in photography. I must say, he is improving. We all have heads now! You should see him motioning for everyone to lean into the picture as he gets… (more…)

The Street Boys

Every child in Kitale has a story. Some worse than others, some more adventuresome than others, and some that just take your breath away. One of the most fascinating, but yet tragic stories of African life, is that of a street boy. Turkana (a place that is now being stricken by famine) has a history of tribal warfare. Partially because one tribe believes… (more…)

UT is Beating Oklahoma 11 to 3!

Well, we finally made it…girl’s night is here! This is a time for the older girls at Mattaw to leave the village and have a slumber party in town. We watch chick flicks, eat homemade goodies, and play a few games. We all have been anticipating it for days now. When I say “all” I left out the boys who… (more…)

Chief Chefs of Mattaw

As a nurse, I may just have a tendency to notice things other’s do not, but that is a really big knife in a little girl’s hand! Amazingly, they are both quite skilled. In fact, they are probably better at chopping things than I am. One of them doesn’t even use the cutting board. Daisy just holds the cabbage in her hand… (more…)

Sunday Suits

One thing is for sure, church is considered serious business in Kitale. All the streets are packed full of traffic on Sunday morning as people try and make it to church on time. All of the little girls fashion their beautiful, handmade dresses, and all of the men wear their best suits. Whereas, little boys stand out awkwardly by just wearing… (more…)

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Well, here I am again for the 1,000th time without a head. Peter, our little friend with the bad knee, is aspiring to become a photographer. He keeps leaving me presents on my camera. I think we need to teach him the importance of including people’s heads. These (with about 10,000 other shots) make me remember how different the world looks through… (more…)