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Positive Women with a Positive Outlook

[Permission was granted to share this story] After sharing my testimony one day, a women came and spoke with me.  She said “Now that you have shared your testimony, I want to share mine with you.” She went on to describe how she was positive (HIV positive). She was one of the first diagnosed with the disease. She described how… (more…)

Separation of Church and State

I showed you all some pictures of a local school the other day, but I didn’t explain what happens over the week when our teams from the States visit them. In Kenya, there is no separation of church and state. This means that Christianity is very much a part of their upbringing, and teachers are always open to letting missionaries come… (more…)

Rescue Center Update

Before Lisa left, we went and bought Bibles for all the children at the Rescue Center. If you remember from an earlier post, these are the orphaned children that have absolutely nothing, but have everything in Jesus. Although they find themselves with hardly any food at the end of the month, they still get up at 5:00 in the morning to… (more…)

Last Day of Moving In

I am happy to announce that all my stuff is unpacked, and I can go back to work! I took my friend Lisa, who is visiting me from the states, to the crafts market this morning. We had a fun time negotiating prices for the gifts she is taking home for her family–pictured to the left is a piece of… (more…)