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Some Humor for You

I was at the hospital today and snapped this picture. I thought you might enjoy having some fun with it. Just move the decimal point two spaces to the left and you will have estimated the cost of these procedures in US dollars. One of my Kenyan friends told me that he has known of Americans coming to Kenya for health… (more…)

The Food Raiding Baboons

Well, today was about as uneventful as things can get. I sat at the hospital from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm waiting on some of our kids to make it through the HIV treatment center. The lines are hours long, but today I found myself waiting on the kids, not the doctors. I will say, our local hospital is probably… (more…)

Sick Day

I am a bit behind on blogging because I have food poisoning. I tried to tough it out, but I finally gave in this morning and went to the hospital. It was quite painful sitting in the hall for an hour waiting on lab results (laboratories here have a lot of power outages). Once the results were complete, the doctor promised me I wasn’t… (more…)