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Witnessing At Highschool

Everyone remembers the first day of high school. For some it was good, and for some it was bad. Can you imagine if your first memory of high school was hearing the Gospel from an older classmate? Everyone has a choice. To share the Gospel with their younger peers or to keep them in darkness. There are so many times… (more…)

High School Students

Teaching/disciple-ing high school students is one of my favorite projects. It can be a bit challenging (especially when they start asking questions), but I have continued with the same group for the past couple of months. A few days back, one of my students, Joseph, told me he is graduating this week! I am so accustom to the American school… (more…)

Reaching the Next Generation

In Kenya, although people in their 40s and 50s seem to have a Christian/religious culture, many of the young people my age are caught up in the world, partying, and pursuing materialism. They are all very attracted to American hip hop culture, very sexually active, and drugs are becoming a more and more common thing. It is very sad. Because… (more…)