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Baseball Comes to Mattaw

Our little soccer stars are trying a new sport for the first time this week–baseball. We have a new family from the states, TJ and Lindsey, coming to join our staff and they brought a village worth of new baseballs, gloves, and helmets. It was hilarious to watch. All I can say is there were many strikes, but everyone had fun. I love… (more…)

Georgie Boy

Well, Georgie is at it again–using his manipulative baby cuteness to gain attention. I caught him singing to his new baseball glove yesterday. All the children at Mattaw have seen this video at least 10 times.  They laugh every time (especially Peter). Translation:  “We give you all the glory, we worship you our Lord, you are worthy to be praised (Swahili) I… (more…)

Group Hug

Well, Peter and I posed for a nice picture today, but then Georgie thought we were cuddling and ran out in front of the camera and tackled us. He doesn’t think any hug is complete without him in the middle. Peter and I spent all of yesterday afternoon at the hospital waiting on tests and x-rays. He has a bad knee.… (more…)

Little George

This is little Georgie, Mattaw’s youngest child. No trip to Mattaw is complete without a debriefing on his cute, cunning ways. See, Georgie is what we call a charmer. He knows how to work the system. In fact, by the time Georgie was two, he had become so experienced at charming people that tourists were not allowed to pick him… (more…)